7 Steps to Increase Self-Esteem & Find Inner Happiness

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YOU are worthy of happiness and living a wonderful life. It may not seem like it right now, but you can have a crap job, live somewhere less than desirable, possibly even have health problems, and... still be extremely happy. Read these 7 steps to increase self-esteem & find the inner happiness you so deserve.Are you 100% happy with your life and who you are as a person right at this very moment?

My guess would be that if you are reading this, your answer is likely “no”. If it’s “yes”, then by all means please skip the rest of this post 🙂

I think the true secret of happiness is knowing that it’s an inside job. That you can have a crap job, live somewhere less than desirable, possibly even have health problems, and yup – you can still be extremely happy.

It’s about realizing that life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you. So despite all of the crappiness and outside factors that life may throw your way, it’s up to you to not use that as an excuse to choose self-pity instead of embracing happy.

I am no stranger to being dealt a bad hand at certain times in life and using it as an excuse to be miserable and let that misery completely take over my life. I’ve struggled with depression and know firsthand that finding happiness is something only you can do for yourself. It’s not something that can be bought or physically acquired or that someone else can pull you into. You have to do the work to get the results!

After working on myself and my own growth, I’ve realized that having a high sense of self-worth or a high self-esteem and knowing you are worthy of being happy, is the key to true happiness and leading a fulfilled and joyful life.

I’m going to say that again.

Knowing as a truth that you are worthy of happiness = experiencing a high level of happiness.

So if someone hasn’t told you this lately, know that YOU are worthy of happiness and living a wonderful life ♡ We all are.

Sometimes our self-esteem just needs a little work to get to that place where we can experience that sense of worthiness, and that’s where today’s tips come in. I want to share some steps to help you increase your self-esteem and find that inner happiness you so deserve!

I also created a workbook for you to work through while you read through this post. It will help you to implement the steps below, so be sure to use the form below to download it for free before you continue! 🙂


A comprehensive 7-page workbook to help you increase your self-esteem and find that inner happiness you so deserve!

Steps to Increase Self-Esteem & Find Inner Happiness:

1. Get to know yourself

Take some time to sit down with your workbook and fill in your answers to these questions.

  1. How others describe me:
  2. How I would describe myself:
  3. Activities that help me relax:
  4. My most important goals right now:
  5. How I plan to achieve these goals:
  6. 3 new activities or hobbies I want to try:
  7. Places I want to visit in my life:
  8. Skills I want to acquire:
  9. Things I will miss about my current season of life 5-10 years from now:
  10. If a magic genie granted me 3 wishes, I would wish for:

What makes you tick? What brings you joy? What values are important to you? What are you passionate about? Take some time to get to know yourself and who you really are as a person. This exercise can be a great way to unearth things about yourself that maybe you never knew before!

2. Remove the negativity in your life

Perhaps this is in the form of bad habits or even negative people in your life. Surrounding yourself with negative energy is a surefire way to get wrapped up in negative thoughts yourself. If something or someone is taking away from your ability to feel happy and peaceful, something needs to be done to deal with it or remove that negativity from your life completely.

The negative thoughts you have yourself are likely the biggest culprit and source of negativity in your life. Try your best to not allow yourself to get caught up in negative thoughts or let them consume you.

Use your workbook to make a list of where you tend to experience the most negativity in your life. Sometimes the simple act of writing this down can help us to feel more aware and fix the problem head-on!

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3. Use positive affirmations

Using positive mantras or affirmations to help solidify positive thoughts in your mind can be such a helpful tool to get through the hard days! It might seem silly to repeat a phase to yourself throughout the course of the day, but just try it! Especially if you are having a tough time, it can be more empowering than you might imagine 🙂

Some positive affirmations I personally love:

  • I am worthy.
  • I am good enough as I am.
  • What matters most is how I see myself.
  • My life is a great one.
  • I can do hard things.
  • Every day I’m closer to becoming the best version of myself.

List your favorite positive affirmations in your workbook right now that you think will be helpful to you when you’re struggling and need some uplifting encouragement.

4. Get support

Ask friends or family for additional support to help you accomplish the goals you want to achieve. Or maybe even seek out a therapist if you feel you have some tough things you’d like to work through with the help of a professional. We all need help and can’t do this thing called life alone! Surrounding ourselves with positive and uplifting people who support us unconditionally is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. So if you haven’t found your tribe of people to support you in that capacity yet, put yourself out there to meet and befriend those people. It’s worth the effort and is so important!

Make some notes in your workbook and list out either who is currently in your life that you’re going to enlist support from, or alternatively – how you are going to put yourself out there to make new friends and create that support for yourself if it’s not already there.

5. Give yourself grace

Let go of perfectionism and give yourself the same forgiveness you give to others. We are all on a journey of improving ourselves and constantly making progress and no one can be expected to be perfect all of the time, yourself included! Don’t beat yourself up and make yourself feel worse when you mess up or make a mistake. Forgive yourself, move on, and grow from that experience.

What are some things you can give yourself more grace and forgiveness for? Make a list in your workbook and then allow yourself to move upwards and onwards and get over these mental hurdles.

6. Listen to what your heart really wants

Sometimes our hearts tell us things we don’t want to hear. Maybe this comes in the form of a gut feeling that we ignore because it requires us to make decisions that are hard or uncomfortable or require more strength from us than we feel we have to give. Listen to your heart anyway and try to make decisions and choices in your life that align with what you truly want, not what you think you should want.

Are there things you think your heart wants right now that perhaps you haven’t been listening to? Take a minute to think about this and write those down in your workbook.

7. Practice gratitude

There is good to be found in every single day if we look for it. Even on the days where it seems like there is nothing to smile about or that the entire day is just terrible, I can guarantee that there are still at least a handful of things you can be grateful for in your life. Gratitude is funny in that the more you start looking for it, the more you start seeing it and experiencing it. It doesn’t have to be anything big either, it can be simple things like “I’m grateful I have legs to go for a walk” or “I’m grateful I can take a deep breath right now to feel more calm”.

Make a practice of writing down 3 things you’re grateful for at the end of every day to remind yourself of the good that can be found in each day if you look for it. Start now by filling in this section of your workbook and writing down 3 things you feel grateful for today.

What are your challenges with self-esteem and finding inner happiness? Do you think following these steps will be helpful to you or is there anything else you would add?

Don’t forget to grab your free workbook!


A comprehensive 7-page workbook to help you increase your self-esteem and find that inner happiness you so deserve!