How To Answer: How Did You Find Out About This Job?

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How did you find out about this job? As one of the most common interview questions, it may seem fairly straightforward to answer. Whilst yes it is simple, do not forget that this question requires a response with depth to ensure you really excel in the interview

Fear not, this is not a trick question!

Why am I asked this question?

Well, there are two main reasons for this…

First of all, from a HR perspective, the hiring manager is genuinely interested in finding out which of their hiring initiatives gained the most attraction. As this helps them to assess future recruitment strategies and to invest wisely into effective sourcing methods.

Secondly, (and often a less obvious reason…) is that by describing where you heard about the position, there is a chance for the employer to evaluate your favourability and interest in the company.

For example, a good interview answer will explain not only where you found the job but why. What this means is, if you regularly check a careers page for vacancies it shows a natural desire to work for that specific organisation.

Which will subsequently act as an additional question to find out “why do you want to work here?“.

How did you find out about this job, example answers

  1. “I found this role via a niche job board, specialising in digital and marketing positions. It instantly caught my attention due to the SEO centred responsibilities and keyword content marketing that I knew I would be able to bring my core skills in these areas to this new role.”
  2. “Whilst actively searching for a new role, I knew I would like to work for this company. I would regularly check the careers page for new roles and even signed up for job alerts to be notified when something in my sector came up. Luckily for me, it did and it didn’t take long!”
  3. “My friend Dan works here within the marketing department. He always tells me about his job and how much he enjoys working for the company. I expressed an interest to him about working here and if there were to be a marketing manager position arise please consider me. He kindly did and told me I would make a good fit within their current team.”
  4. “I worked with a recruitment agency, to help find my next job role. I met with them personally to talk about the type of position I was interested in, as well as my skills and experience. They offered different role suggestions but I felt they weren’t a fit. That was until they found me this position. Instantly I knew it was right for me. This is a role where I can really utilise my skillset by working alongside a team who is motivated and driven by technology.”

What not to say

“I found it online whilst looking for lots of other jobs.”

man stress how did you find out about this job

Whys it bad?

What job searching method did you use? A job board, careers page or social media? Who knows because the answer is so brief!

“A mate sent me the link because they thought it would be good for me to apply.”

Your mate is shining more than you are! They showed initiative by matching your skills and experience to the role. However, this is only really a bad thing if this is your sole answer. Avoid this and explain to the interviewer that once you received the link from a friend you made the decision to apply based on your own reasons.

So instead, say…

“A friend kindly passed me the job link via LinkedIn. I had told them I was actively looking for a new job when a connection within their network shared this role. Completely swayed by the company and position, I decided to apply.”

The key on how to answer is to thank your friend for the gesture but then make sure the answer is still centred around you. As selfish as this sounds, you have to remember the interview is about you and not your friend.

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