CELPIP Test Types and Format: A Brief Overview

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CELPIP (The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program) is one of the English language tests that are conducted to assess the proficiency of the aspirants seeking immigration to Canada. This is one of the recent additions in the whole pack of tests offered internationally. This test is administered by PARAGON Testing Enterprises only through only online mode in Canada (and outside Canada as well). The test was officially designated by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

CELPIP has two variants – General Test and General LS. The test is almost 3 hours long comprising of four sections for the General Test variant. The sections are Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. While for General LS, there are only two sections Listening and Speaking. And this variant is of approximately 1 hour long. Both tests are to be attempted in one single seating only. The fee for both tests will also be different.

The speaking section

This section has 8 question types – personal experience (experience of a long arduous journey), giving advice (advice on part-time jobs), comparing and persuading (which mobile to purchase), expressing opinions (opinions on permission to teenagers to consume alcohol), describing a scene (of any classroom, shipyard, floods, accident, concert), making predictions (on the previous scene only), handling a difficult situation (to choose between attending birthday bash with friends or family) and describing an unusual scene (a scene of ship flying). The duration of each question will vary from 60-90 seconds.

The writing section

This section has only two questions – writing an email on a theme outside the home (a mail to the manager of a mall regarding bad upkeep and inadequate facilities) and writing on one of the options given on a survey question.

The listening section

This section has 6 questions – daily life problem (looking for a particular route), viewpoints (views on the protection of bees), video discussion (on any academic, political, social issue), news item( about some discovery/invention), report and problem-solving (conversation about a health, family or living problem). Each question type has MCQ exercises with four options.

The reading section

This section has 4 question types – reading for correspondence (a mail regarding employment, notice, complaint, wedding, and response to this mail), reading for viewpoints (on any academic, social, political, sports, medical issue), reading for information and apply to a diagram (filling the details taking cues from the diagram given). Here again, all are MCQ-type exercises with 4 options given.

Both the Reading and Listening sections have 38 questions. Each question carries 1 mark. Hence, the scoring is calculated on the total of the score in each module.
CELPIP is considered to be the easier of the test, compared to say the PTE and IELTS. The only requirement is being accustomed to using the computer, and some practice on handling some technical issues of getting one’s voice recorded, and enough speed of typing the answers in the writing section.”

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