The top courses to help get you hired July 2019

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It’s that time of year again…

No, we’re not talking about our knack of getting knocked out in sporting semi-finals (please cricket, you’re all we have left). The reed courses summer sale is officially now on – meaning deals are available on every type of qualification, certification, and course you can think of.

And with life-changing courses from under £20, in everything from office skills and coding, through to creative writing and cooking, there’s no time to waste.

We’ve already covered some of the best deals, but here are three more of the best discounted courses you could start now:

Facilities Management

Looking for job in management? It might be time to upgrade your facilities…

Aside from needing to know a range of terrible occupational-based puns, you’ll need the right skills to get ahead. So finding the right course could come in incredibly handy – especially if it doesn’t break the bank.

This Level 5 Facilities Management Diploma certainly ticks both of those boxes, ensuring you learn everything you need to manage a business’ building or premises, from risk management through to key safety and security fundamentals.

You’ll even learn how to create flow charts and quality management plans. You know, if you like that kind of thing.

Ideal for newcomers and existing members of the workforce alike, this course could fast-track your progression, not to mention help you get your foot-in-the-door in this challenging and potentially lucrative profession.

And the best part? All of this is available for just £10.


What do I need? There are no formal pre-requisites to get started.

How long will it last? 320 hours.

Perfect for: People who always know where the fire exits are.

Facilities Management course


Interior Design

OK, we’re not saying you can take a course to learn excellent interior design skills from scratch.

Actually, that’s exactly what we’re saying.

This exclusive Interior Design Level 1 Certificate will help you learn how to transform even the most ambitious creative visions into beautifully balanced interiors – covering dozens of room elements and fundamental design principles.

Also, feng shui. Possibly.

It’s completely available to be taken online, so you can study at your own pace. At a time that suits your schedule.

Practical tips all come as part of the package too. So whether it’s small space tips for specific rooms, choosing a colour scheme or setting a style through texture, this course will have you covered.

And the best part? All of this is available for just £10.


What do I need? No prior knowledge or experience required.

How long will it last? 90 hours.

Perfect for: People who want to make their career more comfortable.

Interior Design course


Physiotherapy Assistant

Want to help people in pain (and get paid for it)? You’re in luck.

This CPD-certified Physiotherapy Course is ideal for people who want to break into the profession – covering all the fundamentals needed to get your well-healed foot squarely and firmly in the door.

Aside from covering the basics, like the different types of physiotherapy available, you’ll learn the science behind the medium – including biomechanics, neuroscience, and even clinical pathology.

(Don’t worry there are also a lot of other more practical modules too).

Once completed, you’ll be able to start looking at applying for careers within the industry, with a Physiotherapy Assistant being the first step on the ladder.

And the best part?

Yeah, you see where we’re going with this…

What do I need? There are no formal pre-requisites to get started.

How long will it last? 50 hours.

Perfect for: People who want to get physical.

Physiotherapy Assistant course



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