Best Executive Resume Writing Service: Top 10 Good Traits of Expert Resume Writers

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Executive Resume Writing Service

“Beware hiring an executive resume writing amateur. The best executive resume writers write full-time and daily and are well trained and experienced. Her/his words elicit a visceral reader response.”

In my 20 years’ executive resume writing experience, I continually have been faced with and resurrected executive resumes for clients who previously worked with subpar executive resume writers on this crucial career story.

“What makes one an expert executive resume writer?”

I’ll offer what I believe are best executive resume writing traits, including those of the professional executive resume writer at the helm. If you are considering hiring and partnering with an expert executive resume writer, perhaps this list will help you more easily identify your right-fit writing service. Top executive resume writers invest in perfecting their executive resume writing services to offer outstanding executive resume writing results possible to their executive clients: from expert-level executive resumes, to branded executive biographies,  SEO-friendly LinkedIn profile development, and trending executive job search coaching services.   

Top Executive Resume Writing Services …

1. Write resumes full-time and are owned by a ‘writer.’ Though I intuitively weave interview prep and career coaching into the resume process, my primary niche (and business bread and butter) is resume writing. I spend an inordinate number of hours peering at Word documents on my MacBook Pro, unscrambling word stories from 25-page executive preparation worksheet puzzles and shaping elegant and powerful executive career stories. Expert executive resume writers practice their resume writing craft with passion.

It just so happens my bachelor’s degree is in writing, with a journalism emphasis, but that isn’t necessary to be a good resume writer. The point is, a good resume writer WRITES, and she not only has a knack for writing, for the English language and for evoking emotion with her language skills, but also practices and hones her abilities daily.

2. Are scientific in their approach. Best executive resume writers analyze your unique situation, performs extensive research through an interactive question-and-answer process and assesses the results. She then experiments with a blend of colorful, yet pragmatic and professional words, formats and strategies until she arrives at an organic resume chemistry. Her word strategy will elicit emotional responses from the targeted readers (aka, people who have an influence in hiring you!).

Executive Career Coach – Founder, Worthington Career Services, Janice Worthington, expressed the confusion and dismay created when careerists and job seekers solicit resume-writing expertise from resume writing nonprofessionals:

“I have spent a lifetime with disappointed job seekers
because their buddies (from recruiters and HR managers to senior execs and grandmas) wrote resumes with murky strategies.”

Resume writers are trained and experienced in content and strategy development. They are centered on perfecting stories that grab – and maintain – attention. Ask any successful resume writer, and she’ll tell you her work has never been shunned by an interested decision-maker because it was one line, one bullet point or one page longer than the self-appointed experts’ assertions. Her executive resume samples are replete with hard-working, ROI-generating stories.

3. Are not solely focused on keywords and executive resume length and do not cater their writing (just) to recruiter preferences. Keywords, intuitively woven into the resume are vital, particularly for job-board and corporate career website ATS systems and human eyes initially scanning your document.

However, emphasizing mass distribution and scanning tactics in your career search is career limiting. Propel your search through targeted, strategic activities aimed at hiring decision makers. Think networking, LinkedIn, social media and company research to garner attention. My friend, Barb Poole, president and founder of Hire Imaging, LLC, wrote an excellent post regarding resume networking strategies in this blog post: Are you needlessly stuck in your job search?

As well, remember, the odds of a conversation with a recruiter landing you a job are about .0035%. Moreover, their requirements are focused primarily on employer wishes and ‘not’ your needs!

Employers employ executive recruiters (job seeking candidates do not employ recruiters); as such, recruiters’ desires to quickly shorten their fat stack of executive resumes to a manageable bite size means they seek to weed you out versus retaining your resume. It’s a pain management technique and certainly makes good sense for the recruiter.

4. Serve as your marketing agent. While ardent in creating a career marketing message that is steeped in value and in harmony with the prevailing preferences, an expert resume writer understands that career marketing is JUST that, marketing, and it both bends, and breaks traditional writing rules, and leaves some prevailing opinions in the dust.

To this end, a good executive resume writing service focuses energies on what is in YOUR best interest to market you, even when this means breaking recruiters’ resume rules. Moreover, they also help you with adjusted resume versions, aimed at recruiter and other gatekeeper needs, to ensure your arsenal is fully equipped for all scenarios.

My colleague, Rosa Vargas, Master Resume Writer, and owner of Career Steering, said it best recently:

“About recruiters, some recruiters tend to dislike all the strategies we as resume writers implement to sidestep potential negatives, including elaborate formats. But these strategies work and employers like to be wooed!”

She continues on by explaining that executive resume writers must continue putting their signature on resumes, to make them ‘pop’ in order to help executive job seekers differentiate themselves and make an impression.

5. Value learning. For each professional resume writer, continuing education will be defined differently. For me, continuing education involves professional organization membership and active contribution on committees and boards. Many of us also have earned resume-writing-specific certifications. Find an executive resume service that clearly cares enough to not only stay current on job search and resume trends, but also aspires to better themselves, on YOUR behalf. They are never fully satisfied with the results of their last resume project, and always desire to grow and stretch.

6. Eschew the idea of resume ‘refreshes and updates,’ when what you really need is a newly transformed career positioning document. The good executive resume writer knows that resumes are tailored strategies and not impulsively written career obituaries that will repel, versus attract, your target opportunity.

As Dawn Bugni, another career colleague and Master Resume Writer puts it, “Technology, approaches, styles, presentations and personal goals evolve rapidly in career management. You’ll want the most up-to-date career marketing documents touting your skills. Advertising campaigns refresh regularly; so should the marketing strategy for your most important product, your skill set.”

7. Guide executive careerists through ‘grinding’ processes that focus on executive image consulting and personal branding. A deep-level process whereby I assign clients intellectually rigorous homework and collaboration is one of the main draws that attracts new clients to my doorstep. They want someone that not only is willing to delve in to get to know them, but also realizes that in order to do so requires a two-way, in-depth conversation both in writing and on the phone.

There is no way around the invigorating processes. These executive resume writing processes prove out to be a winning strategy in executives’ long-term goals.

8. Are clear about their ideal clients. As Allison Rapp said in her article, “Do You Really Need an Ideal Client?”, “When you are clear about your clients, you shine like a beacon to them,” and, “You resonate with the deepest part of their being.” My intention for each engagement is a thoroughly individualized approach, contingent upon welcoming clients who exhibit a durable trust in my abilities. I also prefer a genuine kinship with that executive’s culture and goals that not only will sustain, but will also buoy the relationship to actionable success.

9. Have worked deeply with executives, in job search and in a corporate workplace setting. I offer both. For the past 21 years, I’ve collaborated deeply and daily with executives engaged in executive resume writing strategy and job search. Prior to that, I worked 10+ years, several as the right-hand to the CEO of a multibillion-dollar, Midwest service organization where I learned executive project management, communications and gravitas across a complexity of leadership silos.

It is a disservice to executives to be taught that only former recruiters-turned-resume-writers are qualified to author their executive resume stories. In fact, I’d beg strongly to differ in that someone who has been elbow-to-elbow with the Chief Executive of a billion-dollar+ organization may be better equipped to understand an executive’s mindset and ROI drive.

10. Partner with and edify their intellectual capital in collaboration with recruiters. Extending on #9, a serious-minded executive resume writer has accrued relationships over the years with high-performing executive recruiters. In my 21 years, I’ve not only invested in face-to-face collaborations with executive recruiters from a number of sectors, I’ve also referred qualified candidates to recruiters who went on to land long-term roles. In sum, I understand what recruiters need.

Bottom Line Regarding Best Executive Resume Writing Services

While trusting your instincts is generally a good rule of thumb, you may also need to get uncomfortable when hiring your senior executive resume partner. The internet has spawned a plethora of resume writing experts in the past few years, many who gain notoriety by espousing unfounded, career-limiting rules.

Instead, do your due diligence, research and partner with a true executive resume strategist and passionate resume writing expert who will harness the words of your career into a vigorous, compelling executive resume story that provides the career gains you deserve!

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